Using Natural Stone as Minimalist Garden Decoration

Garden design with minimalist style seem simple and still be able to bring a beautiful residential atmosphere. To create a minimalist garden, should not be too much to present the material. You can evade attractive minimalist garden with natural stone material mempatkan. There is a diverse selection of natural stone that can be used in a minimalist garden at home, one of which is a stone. This type of stone […]

vertical garden systems

The Plants that You can Use in Your Vertical Garden

If you plan to create a vertical garden in your home, here are the plants that you can use for your vertical garden. Actually, before the popular trend of vertical gardens in urban communities today, many of you have been practicing it at home. Many homeowners decorate the walls with vines, mostly dollar-dollar bills (Ficus pumila) is a large-leaved. Alternatively, small leaves until all the walls are filled with leaves. […]

madison square garden after renovation

Garden Renovation Tips for You

The rainy season such as garden at home less of a concern because there is a lot that can be done in this area. Season like this is the right time just as he resigned to plan ahead on your garden. Is it necessary to renovate by adding fences, water features, types of flowers, and others in this area? While enjoying tea or coffee and staring at your home garden […]

how to design garden lighting

Tips in Choosing Minimalist Garden Lighting for Your Garden

Structuring of light in a residential garden is an important aspect that must be considered, especially when we designed the exterior of the dwelling. For lighting the garden itself we can use garden lights have now been many variations. Various models of garden lights can be your choice. Garden lighting functions which we know is the only lighting but in fact not only that, garden lighting can create a different […]

garden city idea

Make Your House More Beautiful with Thematic Garden Idea

A house can be said to be “alive” if there are gardens in the vicinity. Not only outside, inside the house there was a garden often. Placement depends homeowners taste. Many ways can be applied to beautify your home garden. One of them, apply to the particular theme garden. As we know, there are several types of concept or theme garden, among other European garden, Japanese garden, tropical garden, and […]

how to design a corner garden

Implementing a Dynamic Garden Design to the Corner of Your House

A garden in the corner of the home page to be more attractive with a high game implemented plants. Having a corner of the house that are not treated with the maximum? Created a small garden will likely be a good idea. The setting does not need to be complicated, the most important thing you are careful in combining the desirable elements of the garden. Natural impression can be presented […]