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Using Natural Stone as Minimalist Garden Decoration

Garden design with minimalist style seem simple and still be able to bring a beautiful residential atmosphere. To create a minimalist garden, should not be too much to present the material. You can evade attractive minimalist garden with natural stone material mempatkan. There is a diverse selection of natural stone that can be used in a minimalist garden at home, one of which is a stone. This type of stone […]

herb garden

Planting Fruits and Vegetables in Your Own Vegetable Garden

Today we will share some article about vegetable garden for you. Planting flowers, fruits, and other plants at home certainly easy enough, especially if the crop is planted on flat land. However, what would happen if the plants are grown on land that is sloping or slanted? Of course, the process of planting and maintenance will be a little different. Sloping or gently sloping land commonly encountered in the area […]

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The Beauty of Greek Garden Design

Garden with typical Greek style is pleasing to the eye. Not only that, generally tough plants and can be grown even in a narrow space. This is what adds to the appeal of a typical Greek-style garden. You want to try it too? In smaller villages, there is no tradition that requires a house has a backyard, even there is no land. You do not need to sacrifice beauty. Here […]

minimalist roof garden

How to Design a Minimalist Garden for a Minimalist House

Now you do not need to use the services of a professional to design a minimalist home garden. Because you can do it yourself by paying attention to some of these tips. You have a hobby of gardening? But you do not have enough land to create a dream garden at home. Now you do not have to worry, because many several options minimalist garden design at home. Actually a […]


Minimalist Garden to Make Your House Healthier and Fresher

Each family would want a healthy and comfortable home. Currently booming home renovation design and provide services to any family who wants a better house., Both in terms of beauty, comfort and health. However, they peg the price is high enough so that many families who withdrew before their home merehap boring. Many people also do renovations themselves, but reckless and wrong, for example one made ​​/ renovating houses, roofs, […]

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Indoor Garden Tips, Several Ways to Maintaining Indoor Plants

Plants not only make the scene in your home more attractive. Green plants are also able to clean the air in it. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to take care of the plants in the house. In fact, plants also need attention from their owners. Actually there are several ways that you can successfully take care of the plants in the following house. First of all, we encourage you […]