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Using Natural Stone as Minimalist Garden Decoration

Garden design with minimalist style seem simple and still be able to bring a beautiful residential atmosphere. To create a minimalist garden, should not be too much to present the material. You can evade attractive minimalist garden with natural stone material mempatkan. There is a diverse selection of natural stone that can be used in a minimalist garden at home, one of which is a stone. This type of stone […]

terraced vegetable garden

Create Terraces Garden with Some Terraces Garden Idea

Terracing is a landscape technique that has always been applied to utilize the land in hilly or mountainous areas, where the majority of land is located on a sloping area. Terracing is realized to create flat land in the sloping region through the creation of a tiered terraces. Terracing is already known by many people, especially for those who live in the hills. In some places around the world such […]

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5 Main Tips in Designing an Indoor Garden

The indoor theme garden is one alternative to presenting a green environment in the house. Typically, homes that implement this concept is a small house where the land is very limited. By utilizing one corner of the interior of the house, then created this beautiful garden. Designing a garden at home is more difficult than building an outdoor garden. This is because of the limited sunlight, thus making ornamental plants […]

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Japanese garden elements that You Must Apply to Your Garden

What if the concept of exotic Japanese garden you want to apply to your dwelling, there are some basic principles of Japanese garden you must understand, that the Japanese garden has some basic elements that became his trademark: 1. Element of water The basic elements of the Japanese garden is water, rocks, and plants. Aside from being a source of life, water is used to purify the body from the […]

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Lets Make a Minimalist Roof Garden for Your Minimalist House

Creating a garden on the roof (roof garden) can be used as a solution, to increase green space in your minimalist home. Manufacture was not so difficult. Here are some considerations to keep in mind if you want to make a roof garden. Relax unwind after a day of work to make your dream of a green open space in the house. However, with limited land, especially in urban areas, […]

watering garden in winter

Garden Tips, Watering can affects the Plant’s Health

Knowing the needs of plants, soil conditions and watering instensitas, determine the freshness and health of plants in pots. Actually, there is an easy and relatively inexpensive solution to maintain the health of the plant pot. How to make sure the plants get enough water intake. However, it would be a problem if the intensity does not fit flush with the type and nature of the plant. Activity watering is […]