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Using Natural Stone as Minimalist Garden Decoration

Garden design with minimalist style seem simple and still be able to bring a beautiful residential atmosphere. To create a minimalist garden, should not be too much to present the material. You can evade attractive minimalist garden with natural stone material mempatkan. There is a diverse selection of natural stone that can be used in a minimalist garden at home, one of which is a stone. This type of stone […]

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Creating a British Style Garden to Beautify Your House

British style garden has a different charm. This type of garden looks formal and romantic. The impression that emerges from cuttings style, color grading plants, and other supporting material. Below are some of the main characteristics of a British garden: Topiary art, topiary is the art of shaping plants in a way to cut it. Shape commonly used in the British garden is a round shape, triangle, cone, and a […]

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The Beauty of Bali Garden Idea

One element that is very typical of ethnic Balinese architecture is a garden. Yes, Balinese-style garden can be one of the choice to create a natural impression in a dwelling. The presence of bali garden can create the exterior of the house is full of charm. Well, for those of you who are interested in designing a Balinese-style garden, here are some elements that need to be considered are: The […]

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How to Make Flower in Minimalist Indoor Garden Bloom Longer

What could be more exciting than the stroke of flowers that bloom with fragrant scent in your home? Here are tips to make your favorite flowers bloom longer. Things you need are: fertilizer flowers, vases, water, scissors and flowers. Use fertilizers / nutrients to the flowers in a vase and fill with water. Nutrition or flower fertilizer works very well to keep the freshness of flowers. Enter the nutrients into […]

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Garden Decoration Tips, Pleasant Time with Family in Garden gazebo

Want to relax once off fatigue? You do not have to do it indoors only, you know! Garden gazebo can be one alternative. In addition, the gentle breeze will make us comfortable in it. In order for the comfort of relaxing in the gazebo more so, you should check again the size of the park owned. Do not force it if your garden has a small gazebo. As said by […]

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Tips in Choosing Plants for a Healthy Garden

Nothing is more fun as a collection of fruit trees and vegetables in the home page itself. Imagine, when you need chilli to spice kitchen, you only have to pick it. But before planting a variety of fruit and vegetables, it is better to check if the plants you choose, or you want to buy healthy plants already qualified or not. Here is a guide on how to choose a […]