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Using Natural Stone as Minimalist Garden Decoration

Garden design with minimalist style seem simple and still be able to bring a beautiful residential atmosphere. To create a minimalist garden, should not be too much to present the material. You can evade attractive minimalist garden with natural stone material mempatkan. There is a diverse selection of natural stone that can be used in a minimalist garden at home, one of which is a stone. This type of stone […]

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Make a Beautiful Garden in the Middle of Your House with Indoor Garden Decoration Idea

In the middle of the mass of the building was built as a garden center antarruang orientation. Being in the middle of the two masses of the building, courtyard into a green open area that brings a fresh atmosphere in the house. Various plants, too, giving the atmosphere of calm in this relaxing space. Here there is a variety of palm plants, pandanus Bali. The placement of two large palm […]

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Using Recycled items as a Garden Decoration Idea

Maintaining and decorating the garden does not have to be an expensive activity. Indeed, if you are not disciplined, can dissolve in the desire to buy a wide range of interesting products available at pet stores. In fact, you probably do not need to look far, because it could be a variety of garden ornaments are available in your own home! You can recycle used goods at home. When did […]

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Implementing a Dynamic Garden Design to the Corner of Your House

A garden in the corner of the home page to be more attractive with a high game implemented plants. Having a corner of the house that are not treated with the maximum? Created a small garden will likely be a good idea. The setting does not need to be complicated, the most important thing you are careful in combining the desirable elements of the garden. Natural impression can be presented […]


Garden Decoration Idea, Welcoming Guests with Fish Pond in the Garden

Garden located in front of the house is part of the house that first welcomed guests. The interface needs to be laid out nicely in accordance with the character of the occupants. In arranging it, it is not just only about the plants. There can express with other elements. Like water for example. You can add a garden pond in front of your house. Swimming is not only just add […]

Plant Tulip in Tropical Garden

How to Plant Tulip in Tropical Garden

Tulips are one of the beautiful flowers in the park and has been since 500 years ago. Trends planting tulip comes from the tulip Europe and itself comes from Turkey. Tulips have a uniqueness that may not be owned by other flowers. Tulips are edible. But perhaps for uniqueness of this one, not so popular in Indonesia. Tulips also have substantial benefits for health as for anemia, impaired blood circulation, […]